Organization Name


Chairperson/Executive Director

Mr. Karuna Sagar Subedi

Contact Address

Gaindakot-5, Nawalparasi District, Nepal

Tel No.: +977-56-502090, 502373

Fax: +977-56-502277







Organizational Synopsis:

SAHAMATI is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit making, member-based social development organization established in 2001/11/12 by a group of professionals and development workers with long experience in community development. This organization has been registered as an NGO under the organization registration act of Nepal.


Global problems like climate change, poverty, social discrimination and migration influence Nepal's development process, demanding diversified answers. Underprivileged groups are often excluded while designing development program, unfortunate for them. It aims to make a change by addressing the huge challenges of the 21st century with a community-centered approach, focusing on social justice and social transformation, human rights development and self-help promotion.


It has built a large network composed of diverse social groups, national and international organizations and like-minded institutions and has been launching various kinds of community-centered programs on collaboration.


It is affiliated with Social Welfare Council (SWC), NGO Federation of Nepal, Federation of Democratic NGO (FEDEN), Peaceful Schools International Canada, Resource Centre for Primary Health Care Nepal (RECPHEC), DP Net-Nepal, DCCAM Network-Nawalparasi, Tobacco Control and Health Rights Network- Nepal, Coady Alumni, ARI Alumni and Gender and water Alliance-Nepal


Organization Details


Legal Status

 Micro Finance Development Banks

 NGO promoting Microfinance



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Established Date and Place

November 12, 2001, Nawalparasi


Vision Statement

SAHAMATI will be a well recognized, learning and innovative institution dedicated for community plus humane development in Nepal


Mission Statement

SAHAMATI is committed to be the connector for accessing resources for the rights of the people.


Number of Districts Covered



Thematic Areas

  1. Social Mobilization and Community Development
  • Social Movement
  • Cooperative Financing
  • Youth Development Program
  • Livelihood and Environment
  • Good Governance and Adovocacy


  1. Learning and Innovation
  • SAHAMATI Learning Center
  • Cooperative Health Program
  • SAHAMATI Ambulance Service
  • Human Value Development
  • SAHAMATI Peace Practice Center


  1. Management
  • Participatory planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Administration and Finance
  • Program and Project Management
  • Communication



  • Microfinance promotion
  • Women empowerment
  • Good governance and advocacy
  • Livelihood enhancement
  • Climate change mitigation
  • Disaster risk reduction


Target groups

SAHAMATI works with women, children, discriminated people, seniors and youth to establish their rights and improvement of their living standards.


Partner Organizations

  • Action Aid
  • AWO International
  • GIZ
  • Lutheran World Relief Nepal (LWR)
  • Oxfam Hong Kong
  • Plan Nepal
  • District Development Committee (DDC)
  • Asian Health Institute (AHI), Japan
  • Asian Rural Institute (ARI), Japan
  • COADY International Institute, Canada
  • Social Work Insitute (SWI), Nepal