INAFI International

INAFI International is a global network of microfinance practitioner institutions. It was formally established in Peru in 1995 by development organizations actively involved in the provision of financial services to the poor in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. More recently, INAFI has also reached out to members in Eastern Europe. INAFI currently has 146 member organizations serving more than 26 million clients in 39 countries.

INAFI network is dedicated to poverty alleviation through an integrated development approach channeled through microfinance. INAFI follows an alternative paradigm that sees financial sustainability of microfinance institutions (MFIs) go hand in hand with the sustainable development of microfinance clients. To that end, INAFI’s mission is to develop a holistic, pro-poor, inclusive, and sustainable microfinance sector. Its thematic areas of work include social impact measurement, gender mainstreaming, supporting MDGs, micro insurance services for the poor, food security and rural finance, and remittance services through MFIs.

INAFI International works through its regional networks—INAFI Asia, INAFI Latin America, and INAFI Africa. INAFI Asia has four country chapters in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and the Philippines.

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